I was born and raised in Austria; half Dutch, quarter French. Studied computer science and philosophy in Vienna, whereas the Martial Arts where always part of my life, getting first in contact with Taiji around the age of 8, continued with Japanese (Karate, Aikido) and then with Chinese Martial Arts mainly (Wing Chun, Taijiquan).

Karate Competition, 1998

Growing up

The switch from the more spiritual Japanese art of Budo to a more effective Chinese system came sudden and unexpected after experiencing violence during a street fight. I dedicated myself for years solely to my practice so I could feel safe again. A hard time which helped me to face and overcome my fears and made me who I am today.

Iaido Workshop, 2012

Being mature

Nowadays I work as a Software Developer and also as a Shiatsu practitioner, a Japanese holistic massage based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. Teaching Taiji gives me a sense of purpose and lots of happiness. Furthermore I enrich my life with dancing, contact improvisation, weight lifting, psychology, philosophy, spirituality and black tea.

WingChun Teaching, 2017


Walther Gro├črubatscher

Walther was my first teacher, teaching me not only the basics of Yang style Taiji but also how to be a good person; to be humble, kind and understanding, and that Taiji is not only about getting rich, but about genuine relationships between humans. Once when I had no money, he let me practice in his lessons for free. May he rest in peace.

Paris Lainas

Paris' knowledge and skill in the area of Taijiquan is only exceeded by his dedication. I've never met anyone that skilled and still so humble about it. Over the years, and many private lessons, he was not only my Sifu (fatherly teacher) but also became sort of a mentor, a friend - "Relax harder you must" ­čÖé

Oscar Mu├▒oz Galeano

Oscar shines through his wisdom, his expertise and deeply rooted understanding of Taiji. I do not consider myself as a student of his, although I do take private lessons with him, which have sky rocketed my Taiji skills in many areas, deepening my understandings of this beautiful art. One of the best Chen style Taiji teacher in Amsterdam.